Friday Museum Sketch


Today’s sketch is from this month’s free museum Thursday which I would have shared earlier if I hadn’t been distracted by the Seahawks game going on at the same time.

Anyway this one’s my latest try at drawing the Baptism of Christ by Giovanni Battista Foggini. Between it and Lamentation over the Dead Christ by Massimiliano Soldani Benzi this is an ongoing challenge I like to take a crack at…

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Who Gets the Sofa?
My First “Jog”

My First “Jog”

Well I just completed my first “jog”

As I’ve mentioned before one of the problems of moving to the University District is stuff is just too close. So, consequently, I’m not getting the kind of exercise I was getting biking everywhere from Lake City. I’d been a little worried about that I might start gaining weight.  I’d been compensating as best I could but still I thought I could do more.


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Your New Roommate!
Wednesday Double Features

This week I decided to do another round of caper films.

cry76bylnnjqnnqbThe first of the two was The Anderson Tapes from 1971 starring Sean Connery featuring Christopher Walken.’s film debut. (He’s so young  here, I didn’t even recognize him until he opened his mouth.)

Connery plays Duke Anderson, a burgler coming out of prison after ten years, for not ratting out a mobster. With the mobs backing, he plans on…

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Helping Your Sister Move

Tuesday Rhapsodies

I stumbled over this one when I was looking for a track of the Rhapsody of the same name by Engelbert Humperdinck.

Of Course Their’s a Good Reason

Of Course Their’s a Good Reason

The force of nature that is Nancy’s mother hasn’t been seen since 2007 I’m rather embarrassed that I haven’t found the opportunity to have her show up since.

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Someone’s at the Door
A Letter To Momo

A Letter To Momo

large_momo_posterWell I first heard of A Letter to Momo less than a week ago when a couple of my friends were raving about it and making it clear that it would only been at the Varsity for the rest of the week. I made a note of it and planned to see it when the DVD came out. Then I saw the absolutely glorious poster and decided I couldn’t wait.

I’m embarrassed to say that I was not been familiar with Hiroyuki…

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