Her Public Persona

We have a small continuity dump going on here. Stefan “let Kate down” by being sick the night of the first publisher’s gala here forcing Kate to take her father.

As for her “public persona” ever since she found out the hard way that having a pen name might have been a good idea. Kate’s been trying to make everyone think that Katherine Jennersten is a different person

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All These Streets Look The Same
Games, Beer and Angsty Folksongs.

Games, Beer and Angsty Folksongs.

I confess. The main reason to do this story was to shamelessly objectify Kate and Stefan.

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Peel… Slowly

Tuesday Rhapsodies

This week’s rhapsody is Rhapsody by Omega (from the album of the same name)

A Whole Lot of… Gravitas
Who Shall Rub the Lotion?
Things Kind of Backfired
Michelle Plays Hardball
Do You Love Him?